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Lana Del Rey- a master of 1000 voices

I found out about Lana Del Rey when I was in Switzerland. She was just elected to be the face of the new H&M campaign fall line, inspired by the 70s. I am not that big with words with styles or brand names, I just know the era. Sorry girls not being fashnista.

Lana del rey
Lana Del Rey H&M look

So after my fiancés PhD defense lunch Lana Del Rey’s hit song “Born to Die” was on radio. My brother in-law said that’s “Lana Del Rey” I am ashamed to admit I said who is that, I thought it was a guy …#@& he was so mad at me like I did the unforgivable sin. He calmed eventually saying “you been too long in Africa” %-) huh!!!

was right!!! She is a must know for all music lovers to listen and acknowledge. While listening to her new album “Born to Die” I was WOW, it blew me out of the universe.  Her songs remind me of Amy Whinehouse’s rock and roll life, in the way of live fast and die young. But instead of making it sound trashy Lana made it sound glamorous. That’s not all, am just warming up. When you hear her songs and close your eyes, it feels like you are watching a broadway musical. I checked if her songs would say feat. Bluh Bluh, but no. its just her!!!! No really, especially if you listen to the second track “Races”. The song is about what her old man says and she narrates it from her side. I really thought someone else was singing her old man’s lines.

She turns the dark things about life, like death, drugs, sex, money and so on, into a part of life, not into something bad or disgusting. As I am a scorpion, I feel life is the sum of bad and good, black and white, and not a life of saint in heaven or of a sinner in hell. This is not the afterlife, we’re still on earth. We are blessed or condemned to experience both.

However, Lana Del Rey gets you somehow to another dimension with her sound.  The only transportation means to reach her songs. I am sure you won’t regret it being out there.

As I did a bit of research about she and her songs, I found out the Genre she playing are Indie pop, alternative, chamber pop and  sadcore. She describes herself as a “self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra“. I say she had discovered something new that been missing for a long time since the corporate dominated sell oriented music scene.

Here is my favorite song video

Happy listening.

Chronicle of the Wind Up Bird

Cover of the wind-up bird Chronicles
Cover of the wind-up bird chronicle

One of the perks of being a blogger is that blogging is not your priority. I mean it comes after lists of things you have to do and afterwards you are tired and don’t want to blog anymore. Trust me, it’s not an excuse and I am trying to squeeze minutes before my eyes shut on me and I say good night.

These days, the only me time or thought winding moments I have are in the morning on the mini-bus, but only if I don’t meet anyone I know or have to talk to. That’s also shared with the book I’m currently reading, which snaps me in and out of my winding-up thoughts.

Sorry for my over use of “winding up”. You might have guessed it, if you knew I’m a Murakami fanatic. Yeah, I am reading “The wind-up Bird Chronicle”. It’s one of those books that will drift you to a thought of deepest despair, highest of freedom or just makes you tired of thinking too much and make afterwards you fall sleep or angry so that you want to do anything but read. But believe me, it’s addictive and therefore you cannot stay away for long.

Am currently on page 269, reading at a pace of 20 pages/day. That’s just not like me. It seems am preparing myself for “100 Years of Solitude”, which will be my next book if I don’t change my mind and grab a light read. Who knows I might regain my pace after the 300page mark.

I wanted to say a lot about the book in general, characters in detail or the plot summery. Here I am, like the main character, in a deep dark and dry well with no prospect of getting out. The major achievement of this book is the book itself. You must be a pure genius to come up with this kind of characters, scenarios, and stories with deeper understanding from their simple life form how they are shaped. How a person’s past, present and destiny affects from the simplest thought formation to materialization of dreams and thought. I know, even me is don’t understand me; my thoughts are complicated and far spread from my typical formation, analyzing and conclusion. I’m sorry to drag you with my chaotic process, but it is a new way of processing thoughts. I hope I learn from the process.

My favorite quote from the book is:

“You go up when you’re supposed to go up and down when you’re supposed to go down. When you’re supposed to go up, find the highest tower and climb to the top. When you’re supposed to go down, find the deepest well and go down to the bottom.”

It is supposed to be the prediction of a fortune teller. It makes a lot sense when you are spacing out more than you normally do or your usual thinking pattern starts from the a complex geometric chaos instead of a scratch or a point.

Book Review: South of the Boarder, West of the Sun

Murakami’s another book south of the border west of the sun, is a must read for all men and women who build their life and think love and marriage are the easiest thing ever. Like Paulo Coelho said there is no such thing as happy love. If you are dreaming or fantasizing you would be happy in love, could not be more wrong. A true lovein my opinion is, passionate and consumes you in its heat and blaze. I am not judging, if you have the happy love, don’t take my word. Everyone has their own way of loving.

I don’t know where or when but long time ago the term ”making love” was a replacement word to lessen the Violent word to have sex or fuck. Anyhow am not talking about sex or love. I keep drifting in and out. The book is mainly about the mid life crisis especially in men. I mean Murakami only can write from male perspective. Am not there yet, but it never hurts to prepare yourself.

It tells story of Hajime his life from age of 12 to present 37. A happily married guy, with a beautiful wife, two girls, a successful business owner, but he was willing to drain it in toilet for another woman. Mid life crisis I used to take it for granted or laugh about it with sitcoms I see in TV. It is no laughing matter. It can burn you and people you care about together. You might think it is just about you, but trust me it’s not.

South of the Border, West of the Sun > Cover

The plot and the writing is just superb. How he wrote the book just makes you feel experienced already from Hajime. As a wise Ethiopian quote says a wise man learns from mistakes of others, only a fool learns after it happened to him.

I don’t want to take that chance. This is one of the reasons am obsessed with books. I learn a lot before it happens to me. I don’t want to burn myself and people I love in my stupid hormonal imbalance.

Hope you will read this book and prepare for the trouble which might come. Here are some Quotes from the book.

“here she is, all mine, trying her best to give me all she can. How could I ever hurt her? But I didn’t understand then. That I could hurt somebody so badly she would never recover. That a person can, just by living, damage another human being beyond repair.”
― Haruki Murakami, South of the Border, West of the Sun

“Once thing goes wrong, then the whole house of cards collapses. And there’s no way you can extricate yourself. Until someone comes along to drag you out.”
― Haruki Murakami, South of the Border, West of the Sun

Conversation with Thyself

Let’s face it the longest conversation we had is with ourselves, I know if it got longer you might be labeled as insane and might be placed in asylum.

But it’s true, after encounter with anyone even how brief it’s, we play the tape in our head in the vacuum of silence. Sometimes it is referred as awkward moment. It is always eluded me what I could have said better than my actual answer that slipped out of my mouth or impressed how did I managed to say something better than I ever dreamed.

One of this people who never failed to impress me is Mark my best friend. It might be the most sarcastic or stupidest or the wisest saying comes from him. Don’t get me wrong am always entertained by that. Not all people though, they might storm out of the room offended.

What are you even thinking about in this instant of, jumping from the previous paragraph to this? You see we can’t help ourselves. Our mind is impulsive and cannot help itself to exercise its self.  Our mind never fails to judge, measure and decide how it sees and fits best. The funny thing is there is regret that you would have done things differently.

Take any scenario of your life and it occurs to you somehow sooner or later you think you had a better idea, action or word which would have made the whole scenario different.

This is left open for your thought, from the simplest how my blog could have been written better to any complex and abstract idea your mind keep drifting to.

The best thing is our mind never fails to exercise and create fantasies, dreams, scenarios, solutions, etc. . . Exercise it boldly, and helps you go crazier or genius and what so ever you desire. We are nothing of brain. All is bound to come and end with our head.

Book Review: Life of Pi II Survival

Life of Pi Cover
Life of Pi Cover

My adventure with pi continues. We are in open sea with a bunch of animals plus a Tiger obviously, I can’t hide that and the hate I had for hyenas just increased 10 times after Lion King. Remember what they tried to do little Simba? Anyhow, the book goes on with imaginative narrating and feeling the sea, smelling the salt water, rocking with the wave, most of the fear and other emotions rocketing sky high and plunging to the depths of darkest moments of ones life.
Animals most of the time leave by their instinct and mightily. We humans had forgotten the instinct part and mainly focused on rationality and law, sometimes tradition decisively affect our survival. Wrong sorry all these crap goes out of armored door, when it comes to survival only your will to live mainly depends on Instinct.
All the little tricks and comments you heard and sure you won’t ever remember it after that person left or throwing the book to a corner will just come kicking doors to help you survive. I guess as humans greatest achievement is adaptation and survival. Making the best out of a situation can be summarized as human behavior or characteristic.
Without a fang of a Tiger, without the jaw of Hyena, without swiftness of a cheetah, or body mass of Elephant the only weapon we got is our daring and observations abilities are keys of our survival.
It is so hard to swallow some of the scenes, I mean literally. If you read any of my blog I always say the writers main task is to invoke emotion. Yann Martel did me a really big one. He made me throw up in my mouth. I suggest by any chance if you read the book to skip the part almost at the end, Pi trying to eat the feces of the Tiger. Please jump it or dare to read and suffer the consequences.
Hope you will get the book and read it its, magical, educational and most of all helps you how far we humans go to preserve our life.

Touch a new breed of ScyFy

I had started  watching  a new serious created by the Master of Sci Fi television series creator Tim Kring, the one who brought to us the Heroes, strange world, and crossing Jordan. Touch has one of the best spices of Sci Fi, a more evolved super humans. The Genius  of being a more evolved human being.

Touch is an American supernatural thriller television series, written and created by Tim Kring

The show stars about a boy who is mute but sees a world in a different way. In this case numbers, you might confuse it with geeky or superstitious numerology but The show is more than that, it connects you in different way, in level of emotion that the most of us share. The serious may be summarized in one word CONNECTION.

The word might seem narrow and too straight forward. In a world of 7 Billion and change plus all the numbers of animals, plants, elements, stars, galaxies and what so ever, the connections and entanglement is beyond most of us ever can grasp.

I guess Keifer Sutherland is well known in taking risky ventures and changing the world we know. 24 was never thought to be this successful and would change the TV business. Before 24 TV serious were small in budget and lack deep  thought. All that changed after that.

I believe this show is a gold mine for the producers, the studio and who ever involved in this. I believe we all crave for the connection. We feel it but fail to understand. This serious I believe shades some light in the matter.

We all know we are connected in a way, biology tells us its food chain, chemistry and physics tells us we are made of the same element, religion tells us we all are made by god so and so. Most of us feel these are just abstract ideas hard to grasp or fully unexplained.

I believe Touch tries to show how we all are connected. With some smart writing and deep understanding it might help us open up somehow. We all have to open up more for more understanding about us, environment and how we affect each other.

It is all about touching your fellow around you and be touched in a deeper level. That will help us evolve to  better, move forward and survive.

My only worry about touch is, it’s beyond its time as most Sci Fi TV serious. I am afraid it might get cancelled. Hoping for better, may be this time people will understand it now. Hope it won’t have the fate of Star trek and become an obsession after decades or so.

When is a perfect time to quit a Job?

I never ever quitted a job in my life. Why so many reasons but it boils down to two points.

1. Am a coward/ that’s a harsh word but I don’t have the stomach for it.

2. Am to comfortable in situations I find myself. Like Bob Marley song everything going to be alright is my soundtrack.

I say this time things are changed. Work places are like migration or evacuation most of the time or you can say they are like bonds of chain. As the most popular saying a chain is strong as its weakest point or a herd moves as fast as its slowest member.

So why would in the world I put myself in such a crowd to drag myself to slower pace, where the world is a fast paced clock worked machine that crushes everything that’s misses a step.

So as my man Paulo Coelho said “If you’re brave enough to say good bye, life will reward you with a new hello” so maybe I should say that and take control of my destiny.

Let me tell you one thing there is no perfect time, may be you can say when you got a better offer or a better working environment. All are great perks but they come with their own consequences and adjustments.

There is one thing exciting leaving your job anyhow, that’s like sailing into unchartered waters. The adventure of discovering yourself and with the excitement of unknown.

To come to the mentality of people when it comes to quitting is always related to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
So most of the time the executive managers forget where their workers or subordinates fall, Without knowing that its nearly impossible to create ample communication and working environment.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pyramid
Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pyramid

Book Review: Life Of Pi part 1

The book cover version am reading
Just started reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel. If this book was a music it would be my blogs theme, I had only finished the first part and can’t wait to read the rest, even thinking to hide in a copy room and finish up, even like we don’t have one. The book can be said it’s All about another perspective. It’s shattering the popular ideas that you have about certain things. I promised not to have spoilers in my blog; it’s a blog that’s promoting reading not giving mashed version of baby food. You will love this book you will see how life would be if we can have this kind of perspective at least once in a year, I believe world peace would have been so easy to achieve, not a mere wish everyone is saying but knows deep down it’s not gone happen.

My jokes are not funny not in a long run anyways, but I know a good joke when I see one. The book is humorist of all I know. Especially about the three guys, when they meet namely. The Imam(Muslim), The Priest (Catholic) and The Pandit (Hindu). The other is when you are an outsider of the four The Atheist, Muslim, Catholic, Hindu perspective of their religion and what their opinion and belief share more than they thought. In lowest form at least what they seek is somehow can be generalized as Humanist.

The book also tells about compassion. If you just take 5 minutes of your time to see the perspective of the other religion in the most comically way ever read. In a way letting the characters say it in not so offending way, at least not for the average Muslim or Christian or Hindu but I guess even ok for the most extremist. At least he will have something to call the other guy instead of pulling hair, turning red or blowing up things 😉 I know sorry can’t help myself. Am a disaster of telling jokes but none of us will help our self when reading this book jokes pop out your head laughing out loud in the taxi and what so and not.

Enough of this the main achievement in my opinion is writers are like Gods!! They create a world out of thin air. They produce characters not out of earth but ink. They weave story and relation to each other and the reader. It’s so cool to play God and be limitless in a way elevating people to higher self.
The next part would be better than this. . . mine too I Mean ;-).

Book Review: Norwegian Wood


Finishing Murakami’s book always I mean always makes you want to write. He knows how to weave a story. My recent conquest is the Norwegian Wood. I always believed a good story or book comes from a great story. A story that never happens to ordinary people. When I see movies and think that doesn’t happen ever? And then go saying that’s why it’s made a movie or else it would be just ordinary story.

Norwegian wood follows a story of 19-20 years old Toru Watanabe in a midst of 2 -3 years college student uprising in the 60s, of self and love discovery.

In this book he made an ordinary story unputdownable story with mysticism, symbolism and Haruki to be a strange book, that you say a novel is only can be written with talent and honesty. I believe he just poured his soul and heart in this book. You can see here only about him as he is not pretending what life would be as a fictional gate away. That’s why many people reading the book feel as biography as though he says many factors are fictional and spice. I believe reality is always more than witnessed also goes deeper in imagination.

I am a huge fan of Japanese in every bizarre way their culture clashes with mine, but funny it never did. From the way of samurai to modern robotic and anime Japan. I believe Murakami’s novels are like a silk feels against your skin in a hot summer day.

The most beautiful thing in this book is the honesty. The honesty here is not a granted one, like air. It is from a society much like Ethiopia, tradition ruling over every aspect of individualistic and what and what not suppose to be. It tells stories of ordinary people their fear, loss, happiness, appetite of all coping with life or even victory.  

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