This is one of the crazy ideas that popped out of my head a couple of weeks ago. It might be a skeptical thinking but bare with me until I explain it.

As far as many of us know religion was the invisible hand that helped the rulers or the elite to rule without much trouble and man power. One of the reason religion was used to protect the rich from being robbed or being seen with envy. That enabled to rule millions of people just by few priests and priestesses. If you read this story about a guy who was so lazy and never worked and one day a solar eclipse happened and everyone panicked going crazy. So the lazy guy took this as opportunity. So he told the people that the Sun God is battling the evil Darkness and everyone should sacrifice something to help The Sun God. So as eclipse is always for short time the man became the most important person for the village. So religion is what comes out of fear and lack of understanding.

This days religion lost much of its power to the corporate ruled world needed something that will control the peoples mind. An idea that will make the rich safe and the poor believe it’s their fault they are poor. It needs something mystical not tangible to make this idea stick.

When we see the history of religions from the Stone Age to present they grew with one step ahead of the followers. That’s what you are called “Follower” because you are always one step behind. So what is the new religion today or mind control idea that spread almost in every one is the book called “The Secret”. I believe the human mind is capable of anything even creating matter out of nothing like Godly powers.

Skeptically thinking delivering this book and video to the mass is just not for empowering purpose but to give it the opposite effect. To make people day dreamers and waiting something to materialize out of thin air. I believe this is one of the craps that you find in every religion that existed before.

I believe whatever you want you can have, learn, be, grow, etc….. If you rationally think and then work on it hard. For me the book is not much more than mambo jambo crap.

Are we falling for this kind of thinking again and again? This just reminded me of a history Quote “what we learned from history is that we don’t learn from past mistakes”