Mondays are the best for bloggers. If you are a blogger you can get the idea right away if not you are the ideal reader I want to reach to give you small glimpse of the bloggers world.
So HOW WAS YOUR WEAKEND? So many answers are coming to your mind now……. Bad, good and great. Mine could be better or your might make me feel why didn’t I do or think it but the main thing is most of us are still in parting or lazy mood from the weekends.
So do you have story you want to share? Or is it to explicit to share it on open? Whatever your story is it is something that can make someone learn from it.
Mondays are nightmarish for so many people. When I was growing up since 4 pm of Sundays after noon the coming of Monday after few hours is just a dread for me from remembering the home works to facing someone in the school those bullies and awful teachers. For me Mondays were the day I start all over to get used to what I had forgotten on weekends.
As a rookie blogger the weekends can be a really good inspiration for new idea or a transitional period from weekends to Tuesday. So as a blogger can you use this as an advice and let’s write something and make Mondays as blogging day?