We all had a best friend that you and everyone thought that will last forever But no more. Not even a call or even worse you don’t see eye to eye.

What happened? What went wrong along the way? To be bitter that way…… so many things come to your mind whenever you think about those friends.

In my case let me start with the more subtle reasons….. and go one to the not so pleasant ones. But ladies it’s more simpler than your and for guys it might be ………

1. You just grew in different direction. Let’s have this scenario as example. You know as Harari I had a really strong Muslim influences from my family, school and friends. Then I started going less and less to mosque and doing stuff that Islam forbids or calls it Haram. Then some of my friends thought I am just infidel or bad influence to be around.

2. Now bare with me taking one step further from the friend to foe is that I became more interested in things that makes me happy than the society wants me to behave. Simple things like being open to other cultures and activities that suppose to be dark or unacceptable by most around me.

3. Coming to the most obvious one is a friend who lie and embarrass you. You all had one ….. A friend who talks behind you and think what you have is not a friendship but a ladder to be in other things.

4. A person who doesn’t understand the difference between a friendship and business/work colleague. You know those guys they are friends too everyone and no one. Like that famous saying a person who have a lot of friends have none.

5. Ok this is the worst thing my friend can do to me is playing emotional card on me. You know these friends do bad or at least uncomfortable thing to you and justify their action not by reason but emotion. This might not sound bad but for me it is the worst thing. To know more about this you should read “ Atlas shrugged by Ayn Rand”

6. Let me come to my last point that makes a good friend a bad one is competition. I remember I had a friend who always tries so hard to prove that he was better than me. From school to everything In life. Whenever he sees I did better than him he just thinks I cheated and gets mad about it. You should be happy sometimes it might be luck or I am good when it comes to this stuff so GET OVER IT. It’s a friendship not a corporate takeover.

To finish up with the article I have to make an announcement a kind of that you see in the movies.

This article is purely about the past. If in any way you see yourself in this article better make some adjustments. No am just kidding all is purely about the past.