Going to work sometimes it is just a drag. You know what I mean specially after a crazy weekends and you don’t have anything to look forward after a hard day’s work. So think this ….. Why do you think married couples have a better life expectancy than singles. I don’t really know the scientific reason behind this but I believe the reason is that they try to get home as early as possible or they do it together so the partners act like supporting each other.

So am not going home to see my girl today. She left for 65 days meaning I don’t go home early and I might be unbalanced because she is not by my side. So this can be hard for someone who didn’t felt strong emotions as this one. I had been protecting or hiding from strong emotional feelings that can be ugly when they are over. So like Ethiopian saying “for fear of nightmares one cannot stop oneself from sleep” for the fear of getting hurt I wouldn’t miss the greatest thing that we have in the world.

She has left for 65 days that was really bad for us. I would be Happy like crazy if she was here or if I can see her after work….. But I can’t. So what do I do? Miss her like crazy. And whenever you think about the time it just starts to slow down you know those boring classes that the time just won’t budge. The time we spend together just slips back. You never see the time just its morning or getting dark outside.

So I have to go and miss her more. I think the only thing I can do is that for today will see what happens tomorrow.