I wrote this on 27th of march so the post should have been here Sunday so not much difference on Tuesday I hope. Enjoy……………

My babe just left 11 hours and 25 minutes ago. i know when she will be back but still that doesn’t make it easier but gives you a definite hope you will see her again.
I miss my girl for so many reasons but I’ll only talk about one reason today.

Growing up in kind of aristocratic family you are expected to show poker face or hiding your emotion not showing it even on your face. Being statue for long makes it harder when someone comes along and opens up to you completely you just can’t help fall in love. It redefines you again whatever you thought about the world just changes to other direction. It’s all about another perspective. I never knew I can be happy or open up like this.

What is life if you are too coward to live it at fullest and in the open? My Mus showed me this. Am grateful for having her in my life. It is a blessing and a privilege to have this in my life.

I gave up on the idea of LOVE long long time ago. My ideal love life was unattainable cause of the bad experiences and lack of transparency and trust was too much to ask for. When I think of putting myself out there and knowing after a while it was not worth it. But when it is life would be sweeter than anything imaginable only experienced.

I don’t know how to finish this post ………….. but I try to do us all justice and finish up by saying if you can open up to someone who is worth it and the other person see more than you see yourself you are in bliss. So open up take a chance and live your life to the fullest cause that would just be the start of something beautiful.