All friends of mine know that am an addict to Books and Movies. May be I do that for one of the reasons am gone give excuse to. One might be for the search of knowledge and peak to someone else’s life and way of thinking. The other might be I want to have more from life of imaginary friends and acquaintances than I can have from the real ones. The other is you know more about the characters from the book or movie than you can ever know in real life. One last thing is fantasy. I can’t be Harry Potter or Dragon in here but i can feel as one when reading the books or watch the movie.

These days I can’t read or watch a movie because I got too much going on. Meaning I have something that is way way better than fiction or fantasy. Something that is real and tangible than I dreamed possible.

Why or what made you turn away from something you really love? I will answer that only because she reads and knows about it before anyone else. I would have talked about it for hours but it would not be a justice for my love. I want her to be the one I pour my soul and heart to.

I know am the most lucky and fortunate guy to be alive just to experience the existence of her. Hope that won’t make you think that am naive. Am here to tell you I understand if you have someone that you think is your soul mate you are in the same level as mine. Am the most egotistical person you can meet and am gone prove it to you by one sentence I know Mus is my soul mate and no one can change my mind with reason or emotion.
I believed what I thought is right and was Sure of it. I was wrong the information I had was not adequate too conclude. I believe the emotion I have just comes from understanding, choice and more than I explain now.

When I write I breathe more freely than my nose helps me. That what I feel when am trying to write about my Mus. I always feel am not taking tooo much oxygen that is enough to explain how it feels.

Am not complaining and saying this Earth is not enough to express my feeling. Am saying I don’t have as much resource to express what I feel in adequate way that I can feel satisfied or my babe.

Don’t get me wrong this world is more that tooooooooooooo much for our current civilization. Understanding someone might be harder.
Am in love and I feel like a pioneer that wants to solve what My Mus wants and Makes her Happy. I might not succeed but damn sure I will try. I lived for 27years and all the knowledge I accumulated got me here!!!! If it did not help me what matters most what is it worth to me?