Why do people have a really big connection with books or stories? I know a lot of people who don’t read I don’t like books, or I go the movie or say sarcastically I read a lot of books but only the covers bluh bluh but people who read know this if you read 2 or more books and you understood it you can’t stop reading. After that you might be choosy but you won’t be saying I don’t read.

Let me talk about why reading books is essential. You might know most of them and I have one thing that came to me yesterday.

1. The first one is the new thing I discovered yesterday. This is what happened when I was surfing the net and I was in this web site called dearblankpleaseblank.com and some of the jokes could not be understood by my friends. Why? Because to laugh you must have the knowledge about that thing so you can laugh. So if you are not a reader better watch out. If you are missing this little thing …….. You bound to end up with little to talk, laugh about, over all understanding of the social integration.

2. Books are like worm holes. They are the short cuts to the vast universe of knowledge. Humans function more or less 50-75 years and with this we have a lot of responsibility to experiment and experience with whatever we are curious about. Books can give us time so we can discover whatever we want to.
Let me give you an example my favorite country in the world is Japan. As an average Ethiopian I can’t afford to go there now. Even if I can afford it money wise I highly doubt that the embassy of Japan will issue me a visa. So what do I do Get a book about Japan it wouldn’t be as tangible as going there and feel the wind or rain on your face, taking their bullet trains and watching their cherry blossoms while walking in their garden but the book can give you more than going there. The book gives information and makes your imagination go wild. When reading about Japan you have more inside Information about the history, the passion, culture, mentality of the people, ………… so somehow made you more in touch with country that being there.

3. One of my favorite book genres is fantasy. You know Harry Potter, lord of the ring, Narnia…… you can’t help reading this books. They will somehow make you go somewhere magical. You know this world sometimes be the same old same. So you need some get away from real life. Whenever I feel kind of depressed these are the books that help you breathe easier. You will feel somehow you flew like a dragon and felt the cold chill by the tip of your wings.

4. I believe our brain is a muscle. It needs to be exercised now and then. So books of your interest can do that for you. In this genre we have academic books like Philosophy, Physics… The others like puzzle and riddle books …… and last but not least Religion books I don’t follow one specific religion but I feel these books can make you question many things …..

5. The last thought is that books prepare you to the future in two ways. The 1st thing is you have some knowledge how something can be bad. Most of us know what is wrong or right but we don’t know how bad it can be. So other peoples experience and mistakes make us more cautions than the average person who doesn’t read. A person who learns from the other mistake is A wise.

The 2nd thing is once you are in that situation you are equipped with the knowledge how you can get out of it. The other knowledge from the book I got is A real confidence that it can be done and was done by someone else. With that attitude you can conquer your dream or the world even.