Today’s blog will be about amazing event that happens once in a year in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. This is a jazz festival that is a rare experience you have a chance to see. You know in our closed tradition everything is done inside four walled halls. This event was on outdoors people sitting on a grass. Having beer, picnic foods, so much more that you do in a beautiful summer day. The event being on the open gave it a relaxed feeling. The people were so relaxed you can’t help to feel it is really weekends.

I felt so good to be part of it. I went there on Saturday around 4 pm but it was worth the 100 birr I paid for 2 hours of amazing jazz. The “jazzmaries” were playing over there. I was sure that am coming for the Sunday session. On Sunday I got their around 11 am in the morning and left around 9 pm. So am going to talk about the Sunday more in the following paragraphs I dedicate to THE ACCACIA JAZZ FESTIVAL @ TROPICAL GARDEN ON 26TH AND 27TH OF MARCH.

It was a beautiful day with vast sunny blue sky with huge green garden, white tents and chairs. You would have just loved it. I think I was one of earliest to be there but people started to come in large numbers. I guess only on Sunday there were more 10,000 people who attended the event. I am not exaggerating because my ticket number was 8704 when I got it around 11:00 am.

The big names started to play after 2:00pm. Most of the bands played for 45 minutes and in between Dj Jonathan played music that followed the rhythm of the last band. It was so smooth you can hardly feel the band didn’t stop playing.

Gash Abera Molla was hilarious. He helped in the transition between the bands and dj and vice versa. His jokes were cracking up the people. Even though the large number of foreigners did not understood what he was saying. I was trying to interpret as much as I could for my friend with out much success.

The music the bands played was so different than I am used to. It was like you were listening to whispers and rough voices all your life Then on this day something really beautiful and captivating that exploded with such a majestic bold courage for 45 minutes just passes by as it was a minute.

The bands I really really loved them. The jazzmaries, eshi Havana, Munit and jorg, yared jazz, addis acoustic project and Zeritu and the band which came from Berlin. These guys were so good I didn’t felt I was there more than 9 hours. I felt I was there for vacation. Satisfied my soul. I felt I was renewed. Fed my soul with a beautiful music, love and energy that you can only have from amazing live performance of a genius.

I want to thank the event organizers, the bands and most of all my friends who were there made the beautiful environment. Just magical it wouldn’t have been the same with out them.