Today am gone talk about one of things that get me really angry. I am the happy chap that everyone wonders why I am. May be am happy because I see and want things in their simplest form and most importantly I don’t judge. This is another perspective I have and will write about it soon.

Today though am gone write about what made me angry off the edge yesterday. i have a lot of ferenji friends. People with my kind of friend circle know what I am going to talk about. I believe this already happened to you.

The people who got me angry are mainly the service givers of Addis Ababa. These people include the shop keepers especially the antique and traditional shops, the taxies mainly the Lada ‘small taxi for max of 4 people’ that you have to negotiate the price and the restaurants and cafes. The restaurants and cafes because of the registration and forcing of the government to issue receipt the problem is solved.

Now I think you are wondering what the problem is? I will tell shade some light now on the problem. Yesterday I was out to clubs hitting some places before going to our last spot Platinum lounge. We I mean me and my friends got tired of dancing and wonted to go home around 4:30am in the morning. That’s the time your only option is to take this small taxi the ‘lada’. So from there to japan area i always pay from 30-40 birr. Yesterday one of my friends was a ferenji and the taxi driver asked 80 birr. I laughed and said am not even going to try to bargain with you and moved to ask another taxi driver. The guy was calling me names. The one that got really pissed me of is ‘a ferenji snitch. The guy is thinking why you are bargaining for them they will pay. That’s just reticules. One is how can I let my friend pay more than double just because he/she is a ferenji. Two is most of the time we share the Taxi fair or he/she will or I will depending on the mood and situation.

The other thing is these guys put you in a position that your negotiation is a taboo and you shouldn’t do it. I don’t want to feel that way. I hate to be put on the spot or ruled by mob rule. If I have to speak I will and you cannot do anything about it.

The funny thing is am a really bad bargainer when it comes to shopping and taxi guys. My friends meaning the ferenjies are a lot better than me. I remember one time with my girlfriend she is ferenji so I was bargaining with the taxi he started from 50birr and I got him down to 30 birr. When I told her she said no and got the guy to lower it to 25 or 20. I was really amazed.

The other thing my friend reminded me about the other really bad worse than bad. Mostly it happens with Ethiopian ladies whose boyfriend is a ferenji. Most of the people call them names like really offensive words just because she is with ferenji. They take their own assumption on what is going on. Instead of seeing the love they have and saying wow cute couple they just assume that she is it for the money. In a country were women are economically dependent on men, it shouldnot be even an issue. Most of the women I know who are dating ferenjies are well educated, self-sufficient and who never will be dependent on the man.

I am going to finish my blog by saying please guys stop being greedy, putting us in the spot and worst of all stop calling us names because we are hunging with ferenjies. Peace and love for all.