I cried last night. I didn’t cry for the past 13 years since my Grandfather died. Crying the most relifing experience a person can have. I wanted to cry so much for the last 13 years but I couldn’t. I wanted to cry when my aunt died 5 years back but I couldn’t, I wanted to cry when my cousin died a year and half back but I couldn’t, I wanted to cry when I felt angry, betrayed, and most of all when my girl left.

I am sorry to start my blog with dark sad stories. I am going to write about how it is so hard to embrace a really good good thing. The thing I felt yesterday was I felt am going to die. The feeling was so great there is no better and I fulfilled my purpose in this life or I felt I don’t want to mess it up. I would be remembered as this not my flaws but the best of me. I thought I don’t deserve this and if I reached this there is no higher.

I wanted to say good bye cause I felt am going to die. With this thought I started t cry because I really really wanted to LIVE to LIVE to the fullest life offers’. I didn’t realize yesterday but I was surely going to die and my will to live saved me. I feel like I was given another chance to LIVE. It seems naïve but that is what I believe now.

This was the time I realized am crying. Felt my pillow getting wet. Crying because I was sad nooooooo crying because I was so happy to be ALIVE. I felt every moment we experience in life we deserve it especially the GOOD ones. The other might be debatable. Most of the time we are afraid to embrace the good things when they come to us slowly but surely we will with time.

So the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day the prospect of life is great. It’s a really great time to be ALIVE. Embrace life get drunk with the happiness it offers. Be alive. With this I recommend you to listen to Kean’s Hopes and Fear it is seems dark but deep down it’s a happy Music. Ooh have a perfect weekend.