i don’t have piercing of any kind, no tattoos at all. The only rebel thing i did is to grow my hair and braid that reached my shoulders. All Addis dwellers all know that their were no tattoo artists and studios until vary recently like 2 years.

Then another problem came up the artists are not that professional so I’ll wait till they practice a little more. Then another problem of cleanness of the studios.

So i thought i will get one when i go somewhere abroad that has long history of tattoo designs and studios. I gave up on that and saw a friend of a friends tattoo that he got in Addis around Olympia Bole road. The design, craft and artistic approach got me thinking it is time to get one so am gone get tattoo with in two weeks when i decide the design.

Don’t worry i will post about the experience, photos and everything in between. Hope this experience will be as awesome as am hoping. I heard it’s painful but i think i have a really good pain resistance so hope am right.

This site might help me and my readers to pick a tattoo and go far with it. http://eternaltattoos.tumblr.com/