Old habits die hard. A famous saying that keeps thrown away more often for people who kept habits from childhood or some things that kept as childish behaviors for long time.

Every one have old habits that are good and bad. Some we want to keep some trying to get rid of. Some you don’t even know how you got them others you distinctly know how or from whom.

I remember when i was a kid my cousins and other close relatives who come to my house try to stop me doing small but annoying things. They will shout this will be a habit or this is becoming a habit. To stop me from being acquainted with this new behaviors that annoy the hell lot of people or just not proper to do it in presence of guests or less familiar people they used surprise element to get me shocked out of it ( like snapping out of a dream ). Incredibly they work almost 99% of the time. The only exception in my opinion is that you are already well comfortable with the habit and it became like second nature or friend you don’t want to loose.

Some great habits are really amazing. I don’t know how to explain them but they come back after being forgotten for long time. In my case as of my first memory i woke up earlier than any person. Especially in Harari family that’s too early. That’s because they expect some one to come to the house to say hi or some times more. So waking up that early was my thing. After a while i started to get used to stay more and longer in my bed reading i started to be more and more comfortable. After this even if you don’t have anything to do you just lay there and count the minutes and later falling sleep for hours.

The old habit of mine started to hold control of my body and mind these days. I can party until 2 or 3 Am but i just can’t stop my self being wide awake at 6Am. This is one of my old habits that i thought that i lost forever. I think our mind have a really tricky way of remembering or resurfacing buried Habits we tried to forget accidentally or intentionally.

I wrote this and found out this website. And it just proved my point. Here is the Best part. “We knew that neurons can change their firing patterns when habits are learned, but it is startling to find that these patterns reverse when the habit is lost, only to recur again as soon as something kicks off the habit again,” said Graybiel, who is also the Walter A. Rosenblith Professor of Neuroscience in MIT’s Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences (BCS).”

So this got me thinking is it worth it to fight our addictions the bad name for habits or just give in and shape your life according to the habits you have. I think the best policy is not to be hooked at all but once you are just have a responsibility not to affect the professional, family and other things wouldn’t be affected by the habits.

Habits are one of the strong psychological behavior that helps us survive, learn, take quick decisions and trigger memories if you had Short term Alzheimer. So Old habits keeps us alive and messes up too.

P.s This just start of Knowing about self next comes how to use it in our advantage. So new perceptions can be scary but they are the star of something greater than the initial question.