Loving books led me to write. I wish all i do is read books and try to write some. Life is not as you wish would be. You can try hard to make it come true and you will succeed (love my optimism). I wish i wish i would have 3 months vacation every year go some where quite and read read read for the whole 3 months. That was my thing back in the days started when i was 7 and it became less and less. You know what am saying the more action in your life the less you read. Please don’t take the “action” in another way. I am saying work, responsibility and what ever you can think of.

Many books are inline for me to be read, i don’t know how i would manage to finish them in time i want to. When life was easier and had a lot of time to waste …… my time was saved by the books. So with this blog i promise to review at least Two Books in a month

To keep my promise and to live with my self in peace i would read and Post my Book review on AfterRide .

Currently am reading The infamous Book Called

The Satanic Verses By Salman Rushdie.

That coasted him his peace and would have ended his life if it was not for the British Governments MI16 protection. The Shaikh of Iran Ayatolah Homine rulled over his life and for any one who succeed 20 Million Dollars reward.

May be i wouldn’t have read this book if they ignored it and there was less publicity and controversy. Am reallz glad because the book is one of the best books i read.

Inn this categorie am not going to write the whole review of the book but why you should read and what to expect from the book. Some times i am not afreid also to say it is a crapy book do not waste your time.