I want to talk about what religion does or affects our way of living or how we perceive the world in general. In my belief and great deal of influence in my philosophy is made by one of the greatest writer of 20th Century Woman called Ayn Rand. Her greatest book Atlas Shrugged and The fountain head had a profound influence on how I perceive the world and think.

Her book denounce and strongly challenge any religion Calling it mystic ideology which includes from the primitive religions to the most complicated once of our present time. She had changed the way some innocent things are not that innocent. She says that the small and foggy things are hard to fight. You will perceive them as harmless as small kitten or a small rock that is lying on the street. This is like saying a fog won’t destroy your belongings and anything and you won’t be able to fight it.

All this earlier perception just came down on me as a thunder storm when I saw the Movie Agora. Agora is a Greek word meaning a public square or A plaza where people meet, teach, learn, debate and most of a place that transfers knowledge and wisdom from one to many. This was the place Aristotle, Socrates, Pluto and other great minds met in old Greek and in their colonies.

What is the main theme or plot of this movie is how religion starts war, spreads hate, wants to dominate worst of all makes people who they are not. In this movie the story revolves around a Brilliant scientist, philosopher and a teacher who tries to prove in the time of Earth was considered the center of the universe. That sun is and with this the old religion of Egypt and Christianity clash and she becomes the victim and sacrifice.

With this movie you can see the difference of independent and chained mind. In this Movie and Ayn Rand’s objectivism I saw some things that will just make you go away from religion and everything that comes with it.

1.The first thing is religion makes you a beggar … most people won’t agree with me but I believe praying is begging.

2.Religion makes you live in the idea that may or may not come to existence. It promises a land in non-land area that would be happy and jolly.

3.Religion gives you an excuse to punish and hate whatever and whoever too.

4.Religion gives you extra work that you could have been more productive in work place than make you day dream.

5.Religion takes away your confidence or free will because everything is predetermined and you have no choice to what gone become you.

6.Religion makes you a fanatic that believes what you are is the best or absolute truth and everyone is wrong.

7.Religion takes over your mind and makes it obsolete. That was supposed to be your weapon we don’t have Big teeth to hunt with or we are not supper fast and run away. We use our brain to survive. But NO religion asks you to submit and stop asking what the book says is the absolute truth. They will tell you your mind is a tool for devil to lead you to hell.

To conclude my blog I believe in God. But not the one described in the Holly Books. That God would be small, incompetent and selfish. I don’t Think God is that. I believe God is more and that God is us. He lives, experience and fulfills his duty through us. There is no different between us and him. I believe as he creates we do also, as he is almighty we are to, I believe we are in charge of our life present and future. So I say create, shape and channel you energy in a way that you would be happy not in a way you feared and run from.