I say matrix is one of the best movies made that i can write long long blog about why it’s my favorite. The movie has an original approach to a movie making plus the directing and effects are also. The movies the three of them got all the worlds religion, philosophy and myths incorporated in a way that will make every audience related some how. Don’t get me wrong the movie is not as easy us other Hollywood movies to understand. May be the complexity comes from the Wachowski brothers who wrote and directed the movie. I felt this just the name sounds Russian or Easter European at least.

Growing up in Socialist Ethiopia gives you one advantage yeah only one to read all the Russian great novelists and writers. Most of them if not all were depressing, dark or trying to break the way they are living we can say revolutionary. This is another topic and blog you have to gone wait 😉 haha.

The love for the matrix trilogy i have is great. Many people may not believe me if i said i saw it more than i can count just know. Definitely it is more than 20 times the whole three of them call me Nerd Or Geek the movie is unbelievably genius.

I can talk about the movies production, effects, casting, sound or choreography but nothing would matter with out the script. The movie got the best scrip that can only come up from a mature mind that read and embraced the wisdom, compassion and love of Humanity all over the world. .

I want to make this blog as short as possible because my target is to entertain and educate not bore. This movies is the work of art and genius hope something like it comes soon. From the green theme to the empowerment of the HUMAN soul it’s just can be described as What humanity is.