Paradox is my favorite word after inevitable a word made famous by the Matrix movie mostly said by Agent Smith. Assignment on paradox was on my basic architectural design course. Yes right am studding architecture even though I am not studding this semester.

To get out of track for a while architecture is the best thing to study if you want to know what creativity is. I will come back to that some days later. When I feel more passionate to talk about inspirations and challenges of problem solving and artistic inspiration’s come to manifest in a world as I perceive it.

Forget about my blubbering and focus abuts the word PARADOX. This word always seems and is by meaning a double edged blade that we always fail may be me only fail to understand. The word always gives me the mystery of life somehow a word or an action got more into it than it plainly displays.

The paradox I feel about life comes from the simplest to the most complex idea, word, sentence and being of who we are to the “I “am. Paradox might mean to some the up and downs as they understood it! But for me Paradox is the idea that makes me appreciate the simplest thing I took for granted. As Ethiopian who never belonged I say being healthy is taken for granted until you recover and enjoy the UNLIMITATION of being healthy.

Paradox always exists and challenges you to live life at fullest more than it is perceived. The death of part makes the other work hard and the importance great the less dependent on previous notions. Making you a lot tougher in a cruel way that you start to adapt to survive and struggle against all odds.

To compile my perception on Paradox and life I would just say in every experience LIKE opportunity cost in economics and more life gives you more than you bargained for. To say it all is impossible but I say life and opportunity give you the better of two opposites.