The version am reading

This book took me a while to finish. Why? Don’t worry I got dozens of reasons. Some of them actually are very good can be used on everyday bases for different reasons.

1. I am super busy with my recent promotion.

2. The book is the most complex I ever read. Literally am in page 433 out of 547 and I cannot tell who is bad or good. The excuse am giving now says may be there is no such thing as good or bad, Saintic or Satanic I know I know there is no such word as Saintic but it rimes with satanic and guess what it’s the opposite. So cool 😉 right! To come up with a new word.

3. I loved the book so much you know like a good sex that releases all the tension, insecurity and fear. This book was in my head meaning growing up in a really strict Muslim family and everyone just jumps out of their sit whenever you say slightly offensive or funny remarks on Mahound as in the book called. So it’s kind of relief that someone else Meaning Salman Rushdie said it boldly and sarcastically. By the way that is the funniest jock for me.

4. The last reason I think is, I might not love the Ending of the book. I don’t know why I felt this, I cannot explain it but some how the books ending feels like would be a choice or would just end hanging you in a thin tread as Christmas’s sunset as Ethiopian saying. To mean the sun would just disappear vary fast without you realizing it is dark.

So the book has 9 chapters… so you have to expect at least 4 plus this one five reviews coming to you. I will tell you this is the best book I read. I can say it’s in the top three books I read so far.

This book just neutralizes all the fear you have about the two opposites, the right and left, the dark and light. Everything is dual by nature as explained by Chinese Ying and Yang. So stop blaming what or whoever for the bad or good that happens in life.

The best other thing in this book is the battle we wage with thyself. Sorry for really biblical word. And no matter how peaceful or serene we look except some exceptions we all are in constant battle and turmoil of mind, soul and heart wishes, desires and losses.
So to be continued with in days………