Movies what can I say eh eh the ultimate entertainment when you are sleeping by yourself 😉
Yeah I know it sucks . However there are so many good ones these days I mean the movies lol. I saw a very controversial and philosophic not forgetting theological great film. Am talking about THE ADJUSTMENT BEREAU lead man Matt Damon and loved the Actress and didn’t knew her and did no enquiries sorry to let you down but the good news is I will let you find about her if you see the movie and should defiantly.

So you might be asking what is the big deal about the movie that made me write about it? …. Yeah I’ll tell you . . . It’s about choice, love, and freewill. Remember all the saying about love is blind and shit sorry to use bad word. And choice to come up with that makes it what the hell this guy talking about? Thanks that what I thought when I saw the movie and you need to see it to understand.

The movie “ The adjustment bureau” revolves around the Congressman Noels who lost an election and meets his soul mate after getting the news and goes to men’s room and find the lady of all places in MEN”S ROOM. Great plot and thinking from the writer two thumbs up. I wished I read the book first. It would be more intense and better than the movie. I believe the director tried to show and did kept the essence of the story than anyone who tried to make a movie from a book.

The best line from the movie for me is “ we took you from stone age to the heights of Roman empire and let you decide for yourself and plunged yourself into 500 years of Dark ages. And then we revived you through Reinesanse and gave you to decide for yourself in 1910 and within 50 years you put yourself in world war I and II and we have to step in Cuban crises”.

But the major major tag line in the movie is “freewill is something you earn not given”. I highly recommend this movie you to see. I will give your money back if you don’t like it. That only covers for people who ask why we are here and wonder what the hell! The world is a mystery and I ask everything and everyone what I am doing here.