I don’t know what exactly what it means. The thing or idea I have about being liberal is that it takes the most simplest and complex idea what we are and what we mean and facing it in a way so honest and without any fear and traditional holding backs. I saw almost every movie made or involved by George Clooney. He is one of the most Liberal activists I know in the flashy Holywood seen.

What can you expect from a guy who boldly made the Movie Syrianna and is American. Most people I know think Americans’ are crude but when I think of Mr. Clooney I feel America has a chance to move forward. Even the citizens want him to run for the office. That I think came from the persona of Mr. Clooney as a progressive and LIBERAL figure that would show America and the Americans a way to grow and show the world not only the might of their political, economical and militarily power but also play the lead on progressiveness of HUMANITY overall.

I was inspired from the movie I was watching tonight UP IN THE AIR. A movie must watch for everyone that nothing is as simple to make a choice from. All the choices and decisions have their own consequences and price over oneself and the others around us. Nothing would be as easy as in the movies or books we read. I always knew what someone is doing wrong as a third person or bystander. I don’t really know what my actions consequence in people I love.

I am a liberal who accept every one for his Virtue not his flaws. Flaws I hardly put aside as a reason to hate but to put distance till I understand. Till then bare with me I only hate or dislike it or you until I overcome my IGNORANCE. The philosophy of reasoning will teach us and incorporate it in our principle and way of thinking is for me at least is to give it the doubt of to accept it or not as a rational being to give it a doubt of a reason. With reason comes a choice to accept or not and that decides your compassion for the world and life.

Am not preaching to put you in CULT or stone age ritualistic mundane but to face a world with compassion and understanding of peoples action and aspiration t of thyself living it for the fullest.

I finish with this John F. Kennedy, a self-described liberal who defined a liberal as “someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions…someone who cares about the welfare of the people”.