I believe people die out of choice. Sorry we don’t always know why people even committee suicide let alone give up or stop fighting to live. I read somewhere or in some book that most people in hospitals die when their loved ones or families step out for a while. The support of loved ones in battle to live or TO CEASE. I WOULD tell you the title but you might be skeptical about my reasoning.

So how do you revoke death? I think all this depends by your will to live or to give it all. I believe all people suffering and battling depression, cancer or immense suffering will give up fighting at some point or they will live to tell a TALE. Even they become inspirational for many to fight and to live.

So the big question i or you can raise at this point is What makes us Revoke Death? In my opinion i say Responsibility for Loved Ones who matter Most. So did i ever or did you experienced that? I would say for me NO. But i know it from the suicidal thoughts i had growing up who didn’t or Wondered about the end of life by what or why even when? I did. I know it’s not a silky thought that will put you in comfy zone. sooner or later it should be revoked, talked, discussed and researched on. It’s not a quantifiable science but somehow it must be explored.

Science is doing a lot to prolong or discover the Elixir of Life but i believe Humans are not going to have a long life just because of the cells of our body didn’t stop replicating or slow down to an old age. The will to live makes even the most FRAIL persons’ will to live surpass Many Medical knowledge and considers the case as Miracle or as Anomility.