After a hard 3 months i took a 2 weeks vacation For the first time in my life with my girlfriend to Harar, Dre Dawa and Nazret Sodere. It was the best time of my life. It was the most intimate and relaxing. With All this super Awesome time i also acquired a disease called laziness. I believe am a hard working guy and this is one of weakness i don’t want to see let alone in myself on other people.

I was just dragging myself from Bed to shower and walk like a Zombie and stare on my Computer till it’s time to go home. You might think am doing this because there is nothing to do and am lucky. Not really i have tones of work with deadlines. My job is on line if i keep this up i will definitely be fired. I don’t want that so I came up with the list of Technical procedures i will follow to get done my job. Here i go with the list I believe would snap me out of Laziness.

1. You will definitely guess it Wake up early like the popular saying The Early Bird will get the Worm. With that i set my alarm to 6:00 Am. No time to roll in your bed, jump to the shower.

2. Treat yourself with new or Energetic music of your desire. Sing along it’s doesn’t matter if you can’t sing the point is everyone is with Angelic Voice in the shower. Though that only works if no one is listening, with the shower running no one will.

3. Dress for the work. Depending on your job and what makes you professional and comfortable. A balance hard to keep. Easy said than done. Making the effort would count greatly.

4. Have breakfast. No machine runs with out energy. Preparing breakfast might be and is, needs effort and seems a waste of time. Trust me on this, it will pay off.

5. Have 15 minutes or less depending on time you got to catch the bus, traffic and unpredictable situation which might hinder you from being on TIME. All the above is must be balanced with being in time at your desk or where ever your job takes place. For me this is Coffee time that I rehearse list of things I Do before the end of working hours. And the main thing Driving and preparing myself I have what it takes to do and I will.

With all this, I am a well oiled machine that does its job efficiently and Effectively.