I started to listen to Rihanna from her debut single Pon De Replay since then she is like the Caterpillar in Metamorphosis. Not there yet ;-). . . Just because she did great things and watched her grow before my eyes, I still selfishly expect more.

The Album Rated R was the best ever with the Dark Dark twist. It made me really sorry for what she is going through, but made me love her more because she showed me she is real and a true artist showing us her anger and passion. I heard in that album that she is stronger than any unfairness of life. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean I feared for her. I also saw she lost the innocence. Even feared it would take all she got to love again.

Again am happy that I see her coming a long way. Still in transformation, I am listening her New Album “Talk that Talk Surprised me to my core. I know I know she is still in transformation. But I never thought she will get somehow twisted. Not broken but somehow wounded and afraid to show her vulnerability.

She showed me her true artistry in this album. When first you listen to the first half of the songs, it just feels party, happy music without a care in the world. The second half becomes slower and directed to your heart than to ears. This made me to listen to the songs again from top. All the songs even if they seem party pop music; they display high maturity and depth.

She sings about love and needing it. Not Like what you expect from “Rated R” saying I don’t need it or it would be in distance or even in my control. This time she just made me believe in Mythical bird that will rise from her burned ashes. A golden Phoenix better than ever. I am sure am not going to have enough of this album until the next transformation.