We are always surprised by every moment of our life. Almost everyone is complaining about this world is not perfect at all. If we think of our ritual everyday, we can say nothing is as perfect as we can think of it, the very least. i suppose if we think of it as not perfect, it never is. the thought of not thinking it’s perfect makes it, way opposite of that.

Perfection as it can never be measured or achieved. It’s an imaginable. The idea of Heaven comes with it, and became the source of joke as a boring flat place.The concept of Immortality didn’t help.

Let’s think for a moment. . . . If we were living in a perfect world. Time, Space and and everything Just conspire to aligned for you to have and do with out anything going wrong.

I suppose this lead to boredom eventually and we wanted out of that perfect circle. There in that perfect place, lets think and imagine there was a Surprise Button. That was the only way to get out of is to press that Button and finding your self here.

When ever you think of nothing is going as you want it, when you want it and how you want it, Just remember you were the one who asked for it. Just embrace life every moment cause you are here for a a hell ofSurprise Party.