It’s the 21st day of the first month of 2012. In December of the last year and in the first days of this year most blogs, facebook status and many articles were written about , focused or related to the Famous “NEW YEAR RESOLUTION”. I try that myself too, every F**king year. The thing is I stopped the resolution list long ago. Main reason most of the time, they are forgotten or farfetched to be reached.
This got me thinking, most of the time the resolutions are not fulfilled or forgotten before the end of the first month. May be till the end of January most of us think as preparation time not starting time.
With all this, the main problem I discovered is the luck of ASSOCIATION. I believe resolutions might be more achievable with the association and recreation of oneself. The recreation of oneself is the main ongoing process of EVOLUTION. I believe resolution is the main SLOGAN or CORNERSTONE of this process.
Resolutions must be associated “I” with “THEY”. In this am saying one must recreate and evolve with the environment. I give you the list as follows.
1. First is I always. Who or what kind of person should I be. I know myself, with this what are my weaknesses and strong points. How can I be happier or fulfilled as a person to myself as honestly as possible. After this, it is just process building and amending yourself to be a more fulfilled.

2. The second is the hardest to choose, but I took LOVE. In this am saying about your life partner, family, friends. Love is the most important, I associate Love as the fuel of WILL TO LIVE. Resolutions must also be associated with the loved ones. We might have done some wrongs to them, simply we were not there for them when they needed as or abandoned them. Resolutions associated with them to be a better person.

3. The work and associates that we must deal with everyday. The people we work and how we interact with them. For some this might be not so important or to the career driven the most important. The main thing is what happens at work and how we come out of if not 100%, but almost close to it defines for numbers 1 and 2. It is inarguable the resolutions most tag line is connected with this.

4. The other might be somehow insignificant for many people. It’s one of the most world affecting phenomena these days. This is the self image for strangers and people you meet on every moment of your life. You might think this a joke, but check the growing demand of Gyms, diet advertisements and more aggressively the plastic surgery establishment.

5. Last and dark, comes Death. Your resolution must come to this finally. Like it or not we are all mortals. We always are haunted by this and with the question what legacy I leave behind.

With this I wish you a fulfilling new year and hope you realize what to prioritize and achieve whatever you think is important to create yourself as you wished to be.