Dusk or DawnEmbracing life for me means accepting everything and everyone around you, and growing to learn and practice everything existing and would exist. In short meaning not being judgmental, hurt, angry even sad and all those things hinder you from accepting and tolerating all those wonderful moments of life.

From the first moment of our existence on Earth, we experience distressing moments at least from environmental discomforts compared to the cozy protective mother’s womb. Growing from that simple change to more complex interaction between our fellow people around us to the others who are miles and timely wise away. In this I mean blaming historical figures who made unimaginable terror we know from history. The only justification I have we know learn about them is to understand the suffering they caused should only be a lesson for us to be more companionate towards our fellow people and not sit around and condemn them to suffer or experience history repeating itself.

I believe I am a person who will accept everything about who or what is happening; sometimes even if I can’t understand it at least I will try tolerating it. This does not come to me out of a blue. I owe this to from how I was raised, the school I went and the social interaction with teachers and fellow students, the bullies, books I read, the religious teachings, the heart breaks at least disappointments which you thought would go far end like they were fogs met with breath of a wind.

So spare yourself from you have no control even worse you feel you have some. This is in my opinion might be the worst, because it gives you some edge or seems like you have a chance. Anyhow to focus on task accept life full package. We are all accepting life with the hope it will be just great, fluffy and we would sail to the sunset. Life would have been LINEAR, FLAT, and you most probably shoot yourself of being in constant bored.

So just for a second think of all things that you could not change or you could have changed but could not. Stop biting yourself over it!!!! They did happen and most probably they bound to happen and would happen in the future. Nothing is ours to keep, even our body is rental. To return to earth to fulfill the CIRCLE OF LIFE.

We are in no control of our own body let alone others around us and situations that rise from unseen circumstances. Think about it even those things that are defiantly going to happen leave us disappointed, angry, sad to the point we want to end our life. Forget it all life is always in motions with that the frictions are bound to bruise, stress, crack, transform us. But no matter what do not let us break you, unless you are in a point to complete circle of life.
If you are not there yet, then live every moment fully without regret and disappointments. If you try to see in a positive way you will find more than you thought life would offer.