Kafka on the shore or afterride

The world is full of books and writers. From these comes places, situations, clashes, stories most of all characters. Many of them you can never imagined before, others you heard about from people around you, some you had a chance to know somehow, rarely there comes a writer who created these characters you can relate, forget this. Characters more than whatever people think about you, you partner imagines you, your parents think for sure a person they raised. A writer comes and creates character, if you are lucky or characters if you are blessed to have a magical mirror that shows you who you really are in every way possible.

I know am just blubbering, that what I felt, I cannot even express myself this much and how come this person shows “WHO I AM” I was breathlessly stutturing to myself who is this guy? Do we know each other from past life or something? It feels am bare naked reading his books. Thank God! Most people don’t know how he made me bare. I like to keep my privacy ;-).

That’s the greatest achievement a writer can do. I used to say

A writers main task is to evoke emotions

But Haruki Murakami does more than this, he stripes you naked and shows you better! makes you question who you really are, what would you do in this situation, what feels to be human, are we all heroes or doomed to be failures. I only read the English translated Version of Kafka on the shore by Philip Gabriel. The book just made me want to learn Japanese for the sake of reading the original. Don’t make me wrong the book is amazing, more than I ever possibly expect from a book.

Am proud to say this book is in my top whatever list of great books crowned #1. Reading all my life mostly not to say all, I had read western books. Started from Great Russian books and drifted to west. Sorry I couldn’t take that much of misery anymore.

So let me talk about this book what makes it special and why you should read it. In not so many direct blubbering of my previous paragraphs you had some idea what I am talking about.
Let me just tell you the story in short. NO SPOILERS DON’T WORRY. The story is about two totally different people who had never met.

Kafka 15 year’s old teenager and Nakata an old guy probably mid 65-75. Their journey to fulfill their destiny or to run away from it. The people they meet and how the world changes with everyone. How the world becomes a totally different place from whatever we expect it to be.

What really amazing the story and writing is how it flows. Many books I had read they flow from a point to point. Here is the story more 3 dimensional. Not so linear I mean. The abstract of the story untangles before your eyes. I loved this style mainly because this does what books do best. Submerge you in the story and give you time to think and what would happen if you exchanged place with the characters.

I loved the book being kind of Dark but with the humor that going to make you laugh out loud without shame even if you are in public transport. From this book you can feel in your bones emotions you buried so deep or did not acknowledge. Pure ecstasy from every page of 615 pages.

Mr.Murakami is a master story teller with deep knowledge and love for music, art, innocence, fate more than all for Humanity.

A must read book if you are in love with life or want to fall again.

8 comments on “Kafka on the shore or afterride

  1. may i ask where you get your books?

  2. hey can’t wait to read it so can you borrow me

  3. Whenever I want to write a comment on one of your posts, the first sentence that comes to my mind is: “And again you made me speechless”. It might be boring always starting my comments like this, but puhhhhhhhhh, it is true. Reading your post evoked so many positive feelings in me, and yet I can’t describe them very well. However, I am sure if Mr. Murakami would read your book review he would be impressed too. I loved the book but I love you writing about it even more…

  4. I just placed a hold on this at the library. I read an excerpt on the website and it sounded interesting. Looking forward to getting my hands on it.

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