What is wrong with me reading this punk’s book. He is insulting me and most people living around. Is he serious! is he expecting to sell this book, I tried once to write this kind of book. I know better than to show it, let alone publish it and expect to sell it and dreaming to be bestseller.

That is exactly what happened. Nick Hornby is a world best seller. I am just in page 115 when am writing this paragraph. I didn’t want to lose what am feeling and making me feel. I have to put it in words or at least try. He should be charged as a traitor. Rob the main character in this book, he is a guy obviously but he is making him confess, not to a priest, people were doing this for two millennia. Nick is making him confess to the whole world, it would have been less evil, if the book was read just by men.

Yeah I know what you are saying it’s the new age, sensitive guy all those crap… but the women in this context no offence are the enemy. They even might praise him; worship him as sensitive writer, or as God. Let me tell you we and our ancestors did not go hunting, to war or drink at bar just so this guy comes around and ruin the image of men they tried to maintain throughout the evolution. Thank you Nick now they KNOW!!!!!! We are as sensitive, scared, and insecure and whatever women suppose to be. You just put us in the same boat now. Whatever! I am just in page 115. Let’s see how he gets us out of that boat or give us an excuse. The next chapter will be decisive.

Oooooh Horsy, I didn’t even tell you which book am reading, obviously for someone invoking all this emotion would not stop at one book. The one and the first Hornby am reading is, High Fidelity. Still no idea to whom the Fidelity is.

Life is always in motion as popular notion. Hornby tells a different story, most of us are just posers or watchers while people live their life and ours is just behind the wall. No idea a door then a whole new world is accessible behind it.

Ok am done with the book. How can I put it, I mean in words am filled with all these emotions I couldn’t just put in a sentence, paragraph even speech of long hours. I will just say read it and you will be mesmerized. The only thing I can say is Nick Hornby is a writer and novelist through and through.