Most of you who know me personally or read my blog Religion vs. Rationalism knows am Ayn Rand’s philosophy (Objectivism) advocate. I believe every great discoveries and historical moments are the result of Ego. Most of you might not agree, if you are not familiar with Ayn Rand’s books and philosophy. As she said once

Egoism in ethics and capitalism in politics got corrupted or lost their true meaning.

This debate might go for a long time and my short blog won’t be enough for this vast subject. Even the master of this philosophy Ayn Rand took her a massive 1168 pages of “Atlas Shrugged” her masterpiece to explain it.

To give you a short short summery of Egoism from Ayn Rand’s perspective which I am greatly influenced goes like this. I comes before anything, the love for I self drives us to use our brain unlike other weapon to better the I self which will eventually benefit everyone. This was thought in contrary of widely believed and practiced religious and communist view of everyone does good by deriving themselves of individual need and thinking about the mass. I tried but I believe you have to read her books to find more about it.

Without further ado let’s go to the list.

11. All Humans anyone with a proper functioning brain would no matter what they do, who they are Egotistic. From self preservation to bettering oneself.
10. Priests, Politicians and who ever work with Law these are the people try to exert their belief, system or program in others. This are the worst and lowest egotist. Their ego only works in reflection. It doesn’t stand by itself or doesn’t have a body or power of its own to drive itself.

9. Chefs this are also pretty egotistical people their ego grows with the satisfaction and demand of them. They are more known in indulgence of food and their profession makes or drives those people to indulge in food too. As they are called the ego is expressed in satisfaction of body.

8. Teachers these are the other egotistic people who force their belief and ideology into the upcoming generation. Using their position and equipped with help of the state shaping how the students become. And prepare them to whatever seems fitting.
7. Psychatrists these also can be said higher teachers, these are the people who are equipped with knowledge of human mind and they can shape a person as they want. For better or worse.

6. Bankers in this category all business men are included. These are the people which their ego works in terms of money. These are the only people who can quantify their ego. Thanks to money, gold or Asset.

5. Artists these people had been invoking emotions for the longest time. From the early Stone Age around hearth simple dancers or cave painters to Renaissance till our modern different branches of Art. These people show the height of ego in their work.

4. Engineers in these means innovators these are the people who changed the world in the physical way you see and touch. Starting from the inventor of the Wheel to our modern Rocket, computer chip, etc … inventors.

3. Architects this are the people their ego is so strong their design affects how we behave and think. I believe more than psychiatrists or other behavior affecting professions affect us in a way beyond we can understand.

2. Medical Doctors these people work with the most complex machine in the world. The human body. They practice keeping life in a body. Even when they are so good they are said to suffer with God complex.

1. God. Yeah you might not agree for so many reasons. Like if you are religious you will give me examples of his selfness, or if you are Atheist you will say he doesn’t exist. Anyhow what we can all agree is, believing he created the universe, he had outdone in achieving beyond anyone’s imagination or brain use.