Not so long ago people went to the circus and theatres to be mesmerized. Not so long ago people traveled by steam powered trains and ships which took almost forever to reach destinations. Until One day people with vision and ingenuity to combine the effects of magic with engineering to come up with the number one entertainer in the world MOVIES.

I say to day as a movie lover, with insatiable appetite Hugo is the best movie of the decade. I didn’t read any of the critics or seen the rating at but I say the movie was magic. It took me to the first moment movies were displayed to the public and the shock, excitement and dazzling effect they had with the combination of human factor to make it close to heart. Done

Every frame of this movie is enchanting. Done by a wizard to cast magic on the spectators. Martin Scorsese had out done himself. Hugo I say is a first movie ever made which felt like reading a book. Immersed every fiber of myself was tingling with vibration only experienced by the first movie watchers. I am not exaggerating to say I felt like it was my first movie.

I don’t want to tell you anything about the movie. I don’t want to be spoiler to you. I believe if you still got the child you were still inside you buried deep deep down.. with this movie you will discover it.