If by any chance you read my blog trying to get a tattoo, yeah finally done. A long life plan fulfilled. I was planning, deciding, postponing, finding excuse, searching for design . . . finally on the 17th of February 2012 spontaneously not sure which design I would get, caring my laptop with my two best friends marched to the tattoo studio at Mafi Building next to edna mall.

Wow I never set to that studio but was quite nervous and impressed with the designs and the works the tattoo artist achieved. I showed him my two designs that I got from the internate and with some ideas of mine to have it original and twisted started to discuss with Abel ( the tattoo artist) finally deciding I will have both of them. Crazy yeah but life without spontaneity and risk is no go. Got myself an appointment and paid advance for next day.

Friday night. No electricity all over Addis and cities around. Probably the whole Ethiopia was in dark. The time after my laptop battery died all I can think about is my tattoo, how is the design drawn look, how does it look on me. I am Ethiopian so generalized black so what would it look like can it be seen or would just look as scar on my body all these ideas didn’t made it easier.

Saturday morning, it just started as early the excitement building on me. As the time goes my friends were saying are NERVOUS? Are you nervous? Again and again denying it. Couldn’t make the time budge.

Finally it is time to go. As nervous as I was and denying the whole time, my friends Glory and mark came without being invited. That’s a plus point for such good friends; they just come without being asked for my support. At least Glory, Mark came defiantly to hear me scream like a girl and to laugh about it, and would have tweeted it right there.
Any how it took a while to prepare the tattoo gun, cleaning and such. After that he started to draw a draft on my arm. Looked better than I expected, Time to go to work on me.

Project X to be completed in near future

Abel is a really cool guy; he had mistaken my excitement for nervousness. Better for me he tried everything to make me relaxed. He ordered beer, asked me what kind of music I like, making jokes and stuff. He let my friends to sit in waiting area and invited them for a movie. For the music I said rock, opened Metallica’s old album as loud as I wanted, I love it. He was singing along telling me what it means, where he first listened to it bluh, bluh. . .

As I guessed, it was not painful as people expect and tell you. It was really ok kind of sweet bitter pain. Defiantly enjoyed it!! So this is the tattoo I got on my right lower arm. A Maori Turtle on my lower right arm and a North Star on my left Upper arm to be completed soon with more tattoos.

The bony part of my shoulder have more pain so guess what he invited me to watch Dave Chappell’s standup comedy. It was not that painful but laughing hard was. Any ways it was a really awesome experience that defiantly would be another hobby of mine.