My obsession with Murakami continues. I just finished 201 pages short “ After the Dark”. It’s so amazing how Murakami managed to make this short book happening between 11:55pm and 6:52 Am. To be the longest book I read. You can lately say I lost my reading pace and substituted by the book’s. I was being read by the book. No I am not joking; Remember the “Kafka on the Shore” the staggering 615 pages only took me 3-4 days. One third of that book, 201 pages of “after the dark “took me more than 12 days.

I am not saying the book was boring or heavy, what am saying is he spanned his magic of making me feel like Eri Sai on the book. The character is always sleeping. I was so sleepy but wake up or push myself to be alert. No all you can do is feel like her. If I was not a big Harry Potter fan, I would have just said I don’t believe in magic. Haruki’s magic is not like harry potter’s wand or may be his pen is made of it. You can’t stop reading him.

After my last Kafka on the shore, I read Dance Dance dance a really really good one, my second favorite of Murakami, also the wild sheep chase. Tomorrow am going to continue with Norwegian Wood. So Excited!!!!!!

The Daily Mail

He casts spell. . . his world is like no other”

Hope you will locate these books and enjoy them. They show your, who you are and open up another door to see others and yourselves.

The times reviewed it

“Hypnotic, spell binding”