This is a blog that’s close to my heart and soul. I should start the story when rented a house with my partner and soul mate, two of my three best friends. We came up with the idea to rent two of the extra rooms for strangers. Strangers no more we found Glory, she lived with us 6 ½ months which passed like a summer wind that blow to yo and wonder how did you lived all winter with out it. Found out not just a tenant or house mate, a friend more of sister my own blood couldn’t be. They always say “blood is thicker than water” not with Glory I say she is every bit my sister as my blood gets thick. Glory is my sister every bit as she might not be for all who might think, only blood makes that.

From the first days she started to live at our house, she was stranger to us and shy to join our crew, and suspicious of our intentions ;-).

Glory and Me on my Birthday

Guess what she came here at 19 taking a risk and believing naively to make a world a better place, from States to Africa only equipped with will and determination to make a difference in this unfair world. I know with 7 and plus years I have ahead of her, I would have just thought, a naïve girl who would just travel thousands of miles to fail.

Any who, as ungrammatically as it is, she did. She made me believe in unspoiled child’s spirit as it comes. I am grateful to her, in a ways people might not understand. Of all what everyone thought or knew. Glory is like the little girl, who taught Aristotle how to hold a fire without a piece of clay or metal. Your innocence delivered many of us who thought the world is just a corrupted world which cannot be saved with only idea but of action.

You proved me, life is not just logic or rationality it’s honesty and innocence. Glad you brought my innocence and inner kid to believe in Goodness of the world and people.