I have worked for so many people for the last almost 12 years. I have been almost disappointed by all of them except two I had worked for the last year and change. I will write about them in appropriate time. For now I will write about the worst. As blogging is more about what strikes you in a mood and sadly I am in this.

5. FaceBoss– this is a boss who just gives you the face, to intimidate you or to keep his secret of his incompetency to you and the world.

4. FavourBoss– this one always makes you feel he is doing you a favor or asks you a favor. Come on you are here to work, not scratch my back so I can. No favors I already have my salary and goals

3.NoBoss– the answer is no No NO nO in every way, why? Nothing what is wrong? NO it’s not life and death decisions. You have to be rational in your work not emotional.

2.IKnowBoss– you don’t know anything, I know everything. Your idea can never be good no matter what. If it is not from my head it is worthless shit. No arguing with those.

1.ClownBoss-only thing they are good at is being laughed upon. But they are psychotic and only people laugh at their back. Leadership is only for the center of attraction and feeling better in other people’s hard work or in their failure.

You do not lead by hitting people over the head — that’s assault, not leadership

Dwight D. Eisenhower