Let me start from a dark place. My boss officially hates me. You might already got the feeling from my last blog. Any who – he is still trying to make my life harder than it is. So yesterday he asked me to submit 9 month work progress plan in a day and half. I almost gave up went straight to a bar to meet my friends wanting to get drunk and say UGHHHHHHHHHHH I didn’t just had dinner and went to sleep.

Woke up at 6 the darkest grey cloud pushed down on me from the window. UGHHHHHHHHHhh again. What can you do? The only thing I can do. Go to work my tail between my leg. Again UGHHHHHHH then I remembered I have A Van Buuren New Album State of Trance 2012. I will give it a try may be it will take my brain out of this dump mood. Just thinking I will read my Murakami Norwegian Wood on this Yucky day.

The First track starts as a radio announcement and tells you with this all the trance sounds you linger saying, Close your eyes, goes on about the new world a world of pounding beats, pure melody and euphoria. A universe everything changes stop out of existence ohhhhhhh and the beat just welcomes you in the state of Trance.

The 25 tracks including the intro, are elements of trance world taking you higher and lower. Elements of a new universe made of Trance Sounds and colors. I swear!! was not high of anything except the music. The tracks arrangement is like enjoying a large layer sweet cake of Deeper and Deeper Trance that I enjoyed slice by slice.

The day just transformed in every way possible. I did the report, sent it to my boss’s boss to review it. I did a good job a really good one. I feel like I was meditating and all I did was make my mind free of the bullshit and concentrate on the work at hand.

So the tag line for this great album is——–Enjoy your desk as much as a dance floor.
Thank You Armin Van Buuren