Book Review: Norwegian Wood


Finishing Murakami’s book always I mean always makes you want to write. He knows how to weave a story. My recent conquest is the Norwegian Wood. I always believed a good story or book comes from a great story. A story that never happens to ordinary people. When I see movies and think that doesn’t happen ever? And then go saying that’s why it’s made a movie or else it would be just ordinary story.

Norwegian wood follows a story of 19-20 years old Toru Watanabe in a midst of 2 -3 years college student uprising in the 60s, of self and love discovery.

In this book he made an ordinary story unputdownable story with mysticism, symbolism and Haruki to be a strange book, that you say a novel is only can be written with talent and honesty. I believe he just poured his soul and heart in this book. You can see here only about him as he is not pretending what life would be as a fictional gate away. That’s why many people reading the book feel as biography as though he says many factors are fictional and spice. I believe reality is always more than witnessed also goes deeper in imagination.

I am a huge fan of Japanese in every bizarre way their culture clashes with mine, but funny it never did. From the way of samurai to modern robotic and anime Japan. I believe Murakami’s novels are like a silk feels against your skin in a hot summer day.

The most beautiful thing in this book is the honesty. The honesty here is not a granted one, like air. It is from a society much like Ethiopia, tradition ruling over every aspect of individualistic and what and what not suppose to be. It tells stories of ordinary people their fear, loss, happiness, appetite of all coping with life or even victory.  

5 comments on “Book Review: Norwegian Wood

  1. I wish i could finish the book you gave it to me and write a book review afterwards, it is always great to see a book on friend’s eyes, and obviously i get jealous that i didn’t read this one as well..thanks!

  2. I love your book reviews, most of all the ones about Murakami’s books. You seem to really have connected with him. I don’t no anybody who can reflect so intensively about his books. I even tell my colleagues at work about your reviews of Murakami’s books. It must have spread around the office because last time a guy from the upper floor asked me why I am planning to go to Ethiopia. And I told him the reasons. And then he was like: “Aren’t you the girl with the Japanese novelist boyfriend?” I had to laugh and said no, but I am the girlfriend of an Ethiopian writer who writes incredible blogs about the Japanese novelist.

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