The book cover version am reading
Just started reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel. If this book was a music it would be my blogs theme, I had only finished the first part and can’t wait to read the rest, even thinking to hide in a copy room and finish up, even like we don’t have one. The book can be said it’s All about another perspective. It’s shattering the popular ideas that you have about certain things. I promised not to have spoilers in my blog; it’s a blog that’s promoting reading not giving mashed version of baby food. You will love this book you will see how life would be if we can have this kind of perspective at least once in a year, I believe world peace would have been so easy to achieve, not a mere wish everyone is saying but knows deep down it’s not gone happen.

My jokes are not funny not in a long run anyways, but I know a good joke when I see one. The book is humorist of all I know. Especially about the three guys, when they meet namely. The Imam(Muslim), The Priest (Catholic) and The Pandit (Hindu). The other is when you are an outsider of the four The Atheist, Muslim, Catholic, Hindu perspective of their religion and what their opinion and belief share more than they thought. In lowest form at least what they seek is somehow can be generalized as Humanist.

The book also tells about compassion. If you just take 5 minutes of your time to see the perspective of the other religion in the most comically way ever read. In a way letting the characters say it in not so offending way, at least not for the average Muslim or Christian or Hindu but I guess even ok for the most extremist. At least he will have something to call the other guy instead of pulling hair, turning red or blowing up things 😉 I know sorry can’t help myself. Am a disaster of telling jokes but none of us will help our self when reading this book jokes pop out your head laughing out loud in the taxi and what so and not.

Enough of this the main achievement in my opinion is writers are like Gods!! They create a world out of thin air. They produce characters not out of earth but ink. They weave story and relation to each other and the reader. It’s so cool to play God and be limitless in a way elevating people to higher self.
The next part would be better than this. . . mine too I Mean ;-).