I had started  watching  a new serious created by the Master of Sci Fi television series creator Tim Kring, the one who brought to us the Heroes, strange world, and crossing Jordan. Touch has one of the best spices of Sci Fi, a more evolved super humans. The Genius  of being a more evolved human being.

Touch is an American supernatural thriller television series, written and created by Tim Kring

The show stars about a boy who is mute but sees a world in a different way. In this case numbers, you might confuse it with geeky or superstitious numerology but The show is more than that, it connects you in different way, in level of emotion that the most of us share. The serious may be summarized in one word CONNECTION.

The word might seem narrow and too straight forward. In a world of 7 Billion and change plus all the numbers of animals, plants, elements, stars, galaxies and what so ever, the connections and entanglement is beyond most of us ever can grasp.

I guess Keifer Sutherland is well known in taking risky ventures and changing the world we know. 24 was never thought to be this successful and would change the TV business. Before 24 TV serious were small in budget and lack deep  thought. All that changed after that.

I believe this show is a gold mine for the producers, the studio and who ever involved in this. I believe we all crave for the connection. We feel it but fail to understand. This serious I believe shades some light in the matter.

We all know we are connected in a way, biology tells us its food chain, chemistry and physics tells us we are made of the same element, religion tells us we all are made by god so and so. Most of us feel these are just abstract ideas hard to grasp or fully unexplained.

I believe Touch tries to show how we all are connected. With some smart writing and deep understanding it might help us open up somehow. We all have to open up more for more understanding about us, environment and how we affect each other.

It is all about touching your fellow around you and be touched in a deeper level. That will help us evolve to  better, move forward and survive.

My only worry about touch is, it’s beyond its time as most Sci Fi TV serious. I am afraid it might get cancelled. Hoping for better, may be this time people will understand it now. Hope it won’t have the fate of Star trek and become an obsession after decades or so.