Life of Pi Cover
Life of Pi Cover

My adventure with pi continues. We are in open sea with a bunch of animals plus a Tiger obviously, I can’t hide that and the hate I had for hyenas just increased 10 times after Lion King. Remember what they tried to do little Simba? Anyhow, the book goes on with imaginative narrating and feeling the sea, smelling the salt water, rocking with the wave, most of the fear and other emotions rocketing sky high and plunging to the depths of darkest moments of ones life.
Animals most of the time leave by their instinct and mightily. We humans had forgotten the instinct part and mainly focused on rationality and law, sometimes tradition decisively affect our survival. Wrong sorry all these crap goes out of armored door, when it comes to survival only your will to live mainly depends on Instinct.
All the little tricks and comments you heard and sure you won’t ever remember it after that person left or throwing the book to a corner will just come kicking doors to help you survive. I guess as humans greatest achievement is adaptation and survival. Making the best out of a situation can be summarized as human behavior or characteristic.
Without a fang of a Tiger, without the jaw of Hyena, without swiftness of a cheetah, or body mass of Elephant the only weapon we got is our daring and observations abilities are keys of our survival.
It is so hard to swallow some of the scenes, I mean literally. If you read any of my blog I always say the writers main task is to invoke emotion. Yann Martel did me a really big one. He made me throw up in my mouth. I suggest by any chance if you read the book to skip the part almost at the end, Pi trying to eat the feces of the Tiger. Please jump it or dare to read and suffer the consequences.
Hope you will get the book and read it its, magical, educational and most of all helps you how far we humans go to preserve our life.