Let’s face it the longest conversation we had is with ourselves, I know if it got longer you might be labeled as insane and might be placed in asylum.

But it’s true, after encounter with anyone even how brief it’s, we play the tape in our head in the vacuum of silence. Sometimes it is referred as awkward moment. It is always eluded me what I could have said better than my actual answer that slipped out of my mouth or impressed how did I managed to say something better than I ever dreamed.

One of this people who never failed to impress me is Mark my best friend. It might be the most sarcastic or stupidest or the wisest saying comes from him. Don’t get me wrong am always entertained by that. Not all people though, they might storm out of the room offended.

What are you even thinking about in this instant of, jumping from the previous paragraph to this? You see we can’t help ourselves. Our mind is impulsive and cannot help itself to exercise its self.  Our mind never fails to judge, measure and decide how it sees and fits best. The funny thing is there is regret that you would have done things differently.

Take any scenario of your life and it occurs to you somehow sooner or later you think you had a better idea, action or word which would have made the whole scenario different.

This is left open for your thought, from the simplest how my blog could have been written better to any complex and abstract idea your mind keep drifting to.

The best thing is our mind never fails to exercise and create fantasies, dreams, scenarios, solutions, etc. . . Exercise it boldly, and helps you go crazier or genius and what so ever you desire. We are nothing of brain. All is bound to come and end with our head.