I found out about Lana Del Rey when I was in Switzerland. She was just elected to be the face of the new H&M campaign fall line, inspired by the 70s. I am not that big with words with styles or brand names, I just know the era. Sorry girls not being fashnista.

Lana del rey
Lana Del Rey H&M look

So after my fiancés PhD defense lunch Lana Del Rey’s hit song “Born to Die” was on radio. My brother in-law said that’s “Lana Del Rey” I am ashamed to admit I said who is that, I thought it was a guy …#@& he was so mad at me like I did the unforgivable sin. He calmed eventually saying “you been too long in Africa” %-) huh!!!

was right!!! She is a must know for all music lovers to listen and acknowledge. While listening to her new album “Born to Die” I was WOW, it blew me out of the universe.  Her songs remind me of Amy Whinehouse’s rock and roll life, in the way of live fast and die young. But instead of making it sound trashy Lana made it sound glamorous. That’s not all, am just warming up. When you hear her songs and close your eyes, it feels like you are watching a broadway musical. I checked if her songs would say feat. Bluh Bluh, but no. its just her!!!! No really, especially if you listen to the second track “Races”. The song is about what her old man says and she narrates it from her side. I really thought someone else was singing her old man’s lines.

She turns the dark things about life, like death, drugs, sex, money and so on, into a part of life, not into something bad or disgusting. As I am a scorpion, I feel life is the sum of bad and good, black and white, and not a life of saint in heaven or of a sinner in hell. This is not the afterlife, we’re still on earth. We are blessed or condemned to experience both.

However, Lana Del Rey gets you somehow to another dimension with her sound.  The only transportation means to reach her songs. I am sure you won’t regret it being out there.

As I did a bit of research about she and her songs, I found out the Genre she playing are Indie pop, alternative, chamber pop and  sadcore. She describes herself as a “self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra“. I say she had discovered something new that been missing for a long time since the corporate dominated sell oriented music scene.

Here is my favorite song video

Happy listening.