I always knew I would write something great. This started from the time I learned to read and with that came the love for Books. I was and still afraid if I am a bad writer or a great one. Like someone I couldn’t remember said “we are more afraid of our success than our failure”. When my friend Markos introduced me to the WordPress and His ewkete blogs I was inspired to take my baby steps towards my Dream.

I believe to be read is a privilege for a writer to be earned. So in my soul searching I might take you to all those corners of my being. I hope you will be moved by the stories to invoke what had been buried or forgotten.

So enough about what going to happen and you are wondering what the hell afterride got to do with my concepts and concerns. So this is what it means…………….

First reason is I want to write more about the matters of heart and mind. The soul search you do after whatever you have to do before you settle on your comfort zone.

Second reason is when I was born my Grandfather named me Ride meaning a leader in Arabic. So this is to mean who I am now Ramy after going through life since 1983 that I made myself my own not what my grandfather, my family or my Harari tribe or the Ethiopia wanted me to be.

I hope I inspire you as I was inspired by the authors who told and wrote those amazing stories from the dawn of mankind started sitting around the hearth. To entertain and to pass wisdom to the people around them and to generations to come.