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Armin Van Buuren: State of TranCe

Let me start from a dark place. My boss officially hates me. You might already got the feeling from my last blog. Any who – he is still trying to make my life harder than it is. So yesterday he asked me to submit 9 month work progress plan in a day and half. I almost gave up went straight to a bar to meet my friends wanting to get drunk and say UGHHHHHHHHHHH I didn’t just had dinner and went to sleep.

Woke up at 6 the darkest grey cloud pushed down on me from the window. UGHHHHHHHHHhh again. What can you do? The only thing I can do. Go to work my tail between my leg. Again UGHHHHHHH then I remembered I have A Van Buuren New Album State of Trance 2012. I will give it a try may be it will take my brain out of this dump mood. Just thinking I will read my Murakami Norwegian Wood on this Yucky day.

The First track starts as a radio announcement and tells you with this all the trance sounds you linger saying, Close your eyes, goes on about the new world a world of pounding beats, pure melody and euphoria. A universe everything changes stop out of existence ohhhhhhh and the beat just welcomes you in the state of Trance.

The 25 tracks including the intro, are elements of trance world taking you higher and lower. Elements of a new universe made of Trance Sounds and colors. I swear!! was not high of anything except the music. The tracks arrangement is like enjoying a large layer sweet cake of Deeper and Deeper Trance that I enjoyed slice by slice.

The day just transformed in every way possible. I did the report, sent it to my boss’s boss to review it. I did a good job a really good one. I feel like I was meditating and all I did was make my mind free of the bullshit and concentrate on the work at hand.

So the tag line for this great album is——–Enjoy your desk as much as a dance floor.
Thank You Armin Van Buuren


Lowest of 5 Bosses

I have worked for so many people for the last almost 12 years. I have been almost disappointed by all of them except two I had worked for the last year and change. I will write about them in appropriate time. For now I will write about the worst. As blogging is more about what strikes you in a mood and sadly I am in this.

5. FaceBoss– this is a boss who just gives you the face, to intimidate you or to keep his secret of his incompetency to you and the world.

4. FavourBoss– this one always makes you feel he is doing you a favor or asks you a favor. Come on you are here to work, not scratch my back so I can. No favors I already have my salary and goals

3.NoBoss– the answer is no No NO nO in every way, why? Nothing what is wrong? NO it’s not life and death decisions. You have to be rational in your work not emotional.

2.IKnowBoss– you don’t know anything, I know everything. Your idea can never be good no matter what. If it is not from my head it is worthless shit. No arguing with those.

1.ClownBoss-only thing they are good at is being laughed upon. But they are psychotic and only people laugh at their back. Leadership is only for the center of attraction and feeling better in other people’s hard work or in their failure.

You do not lead by hitting people over the head — that’s assault, not leadership

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Strangers became Family

This is a blog that’s close to my heart and soul. I should start the story when rented a house with my partner and soul mate, two of my three best friends. We came up with the idea to rent two of the extra rooms for strangers. Strangers no more we found Glory, she lived with us 6 ½ months which passed like a summer wind that blow to yo and wonder how did you lived all winter with out it. Found out not just a tenant or house mate, a friend more of sister my own blood couldn’t be. They always say “blood is thicker than water” not with Glory I say she is every bit my sister as my blood gets thick. Glory is my sister every bit as she might not be for all who might think, only blood makes that.

From the first days she started to live at our house, she was stranger to us and shy to join our crew, and suspicious of our intentions ;-).

Glory and Me on my Birthday

Guess what she came here at 19 taking a risk and believing naively to make a world a better place, from States to Africa only equipped with will and determination to make a difference in this unfair world. I know with 7 and plus years I have ahead of her, I would have just thought, a naïve girl who would just travel thousands of miles to fail.

Any who, as ungrammatically as it is, she did. She made me believe in unspoiled child’s spirit as it comes. I am grateful to her, in a ways people might not understand. Of all what everyone thought or knew. Glory is like the little girl, who taught Aristotle how to hold a fire without a piece of clay or metal. Your innocence delivered many of us who thought the world is just a corrupted world which cannot be saved with only idea but of action.

You proved me, life is not just logic or rationality it’s honesty and innocence. Glad you brought my innocence and inner kid to believe in Goodness of the world and people.

I didn’t write any blog, these days so i thought i can borrow this one.

Snotting black

I was eating a PB&J out of tinfoil during class and thinking about blogging, as I often do. I had recently read a friend’s blog that he just started a few months ago and doesn’t update very often. Its future doesn’t look good—a few more months it will likely become another blog corpse silently occupying net space.  As I read his first tentative posts, I was reminded of my own blogging beginnings that stretch back to my senior year of high school.

It was a secret blog, called The Drevet (now deleted), and I posted a mere two times. The first one was the obligatory and awkward, “Hello world,” in which it seemed I was preparing to face all of humanity and be utterly rejected. It was the kind of introduction that set the bar so low even I couldn’t reach it. After only two months I stopped thinking about…

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Book Review: After the Dark

My obsession with Murakami continues. I just finished 201 pages short “ After the Dark”. It’s so amazing how Murakami managed to make this short book happening between 11:55pm and 6:52 Am. To be the longest book I read. You can lately say I lost my reading pace and substituted by the book’s. I was being read by the book. No I am not joking; Remember the “Kafka on the Shore” the staggering 615 pages only took me 3-4 days. One third of that book, 201 pages of “after the dark “took me more than 12 days.

I am not saying the book was boring or heavy, what am saying is he spanned his magic of making me feel like Eri Sai on the book. The character is always sleeping. I was so sleepy but wake up or push myself to be alert. No all you can do is feel like her. If I was not a big Harry Potter fan, I would have just said I don’t believe in magic. Haruki’s magic is not like harry potter’s wand or may be his pen is made of it. You can’t stop reading him.

After my last Kafka on the shore, I read Dance Dance dance a really really good one, my second favorite of Murakami, also the wild sheep chase. Tomorrow am going to continue with Norwegian Wood. So Excited!!!!!!

The Daily Mail

He casts spell. . . his world is like no other”

Hope you will locate these books and enjoy them. They show your, who you are and open up another door to see others and yourselves.

The times reviewed it

“Hypnotic, spell binding”

Ethiopia Vs Kenya

For the new year i was in Kenya with my love for vacation. From December 23 to January 6 2012. It was one of the best experiences in my life. As a person who never got out of Ethiopia if you don’t count Eretria, it was an astonishing experience. After this, all I want to do is travel. As a rookie traveler, I am proud to say, i had experienced cultural shock.

I had a chance to see the world in different eye. When you live in one country all your life, you will get used to the things around you and loose the detail and look at things as a whole. In Kenya in particular Mombasa, which we spent the whole time might not be enough to compare. What the hell! I will give it a try.

fruit Market

The first thing I compared is the Kenyan advancement in telecom and banking system, which are actually integrated more than you think. Like mobile money transfer, getting mobile air time pin number from ATM. The down town of Mombasa is full of International Banks.

KCB Bank
Instead of multiple branches of some bank, you see banks of Different Nations like Bank Of India, KCB, A G Bank of Zurich etc . . .
Bank of India on of many international Banks in Kenya

The second thing is, the architecture. Instead of uniform buildings you see diverse styles and stories in the buildings. Just look the pictures below and judge for yourself.

The third thing is, the hotel and restaurant service is service oriented in Kenya. They will trash any Ethiopian hotel business, say in rich menu or communication skill of the waiters. I believe Ethiopians who are in the hotel business can learn a lot from their Kenyan counterparts. Ethiopians should lose some of their pride. Pride has no place in hotel and hospitality business.

Busy day At MADA Resort Pool

The fourth is, its so amazing how the Kenyan profited so much by conserving their nature say safaris or marine parks, to generate money and sustain it.

This park is home for 12,000 Elephants alone plus all African Savanah herds

The fifth is, how so many foreigners leave there. Unlike Ethiopia, foreigners can own land and property. In area and population Kenya is half as much of Ethiopia. The paradox here is the people of Kenya and foreigners can own as much land as they can afford. People can have large states because land is not owned by state. May be Kenyans are not crazy about land like Ethiopians.

The sixth is, the businesses are mainly owned by Indians, Arabs and other foreigners. Like in Ethiopia 40 years ago. I cannot judge if this is a good thing or bad. Both got their pros and cons. In this globalization era this might be considered advantageous. In localization and building up home grown businesses Ethiopia rules. The problem is the Kenyans because of the foreigners competition, they leap higher than our entrepreneurs. With this also comes how the Kenyans surpass as in internationalizing and implementing aggressive marketing strategies.

To generalize with all these and general feeling I have, these countries as neighbors and closely related, they have elements for two opposites which can be a fitting combination to build a better country than they are. Close ties and experience exchange would enable them to grow and prosper.

One of the top stories this day relation on this is; Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan are having a Lamu project from port development, rail way and oil pipe line development which involves and benefits these countries greatly. This is one of the best examples of cooperation and development. Especially, when these countries are neighbored by less friendly countries. -+

From Dawn till Dusk on the Beach

Kilifi Beach

AfterRide is TattOOed

If by any chance you read my blog trying to get a tattoo, yeah finally done. A long life plan fulfilled. I was planning, deciding, postponing, finding excuse, searching for design . . . finally on the 17th of February 2012 spontaneously not sure which design I would get, caring my laptop with my two best friends marched to the tattoo studio at Mafi Building next to edna mall.

Wow I never set to that studio but was quite nervous and impressed with the designs and the works the tattoo artist achieved. I showed him my two designs that I got from the internate and with some ideas of mine to have it original and twisted started to discuss with Abel ( the tattoo artist) finally deciding I will have both of them. Crazy yeah but life without spontaneity and risk is no go. Got myself an appointment and paid advance for next day.

Friday night. No electricity all over Addis and cities around. Probably the whole Ethiopia was in dark. The time after my laptop battery died all I can think about is my tattoo, how is the design drawn look, how does it look on me. I am Ethiopian so generalized black so what would it look like can it be seen or would just look as scar on my body all these ideas didn’t made it easier.

Saturday morning, it just started as early the excitement building on me. As the time goes my friends were saying are NERVOUS? Are you nervous? Again and again denying it. Couldn’t make the time budge.

Finally it is time to go. As nervous as I was and denying the whole time, my friends Glory and mark came without being invited. That’s a plus point for such good friends; they just come without being asked for my support. At least Glory, Mark came defiantly to hear me scream like a girl and to laugh about it, and would have tweeted it right there.
Any how it took a while to prepare the tattoo gun, cleaning and such. After that he started to draw a draft on my arm. Looked better than I expected, Time to go to work on me.

Project X to be completed in near future

Abel is a really cool guy; he had mistaken my excitement for nervousness. Better for me he tried everything to make me relaxed. He ordered beer, asked me what kind of music I like, making jokes and stuff. He let my friends to sit in waiting area and invited them for a movie. For the music I said rock, opened Metallica’s old album as loud as I wanted, I love it. He was singing along telling me what it means, where he first listened to it bluh, bluh. . .

As I guessed, it was not painful as people expect and tell you. It was really ok kind of sweet bitter pain. Defiantly enjoyed it!! So this is the tattoo I got on my right lower arm. A Maori Turtle on my lower right arm and a North Star on my left Upper arm to be completed soon with more tattoos.

The bony part of my shoulder have more pain so guess what he invited me to watch Dave Chappell’s standup comedy. It was not that painful but laughing hard was. Any ways it was a really awesome experience that defiantly would be another hobby of mine.

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